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Hazards XVII - Process Safety, Fulfilling Our Responsibilities, Symposium Series 149

ISBN: 9780852954591

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Publisher: IChemE
Publication year: 2003
Extent: Hardback plus CD, 846 pages 

International academic, industrial and regulatory experts and practitioners have been brought together with support from respected UK, European and US safety organizations to address the them 'Process safety - fulfilling our responsibilities'. The process industry needs to adapt to changing social attitudes to risk, both to people and the environment, if it is to survive and prosper in the 21st Century. This is reflected in the amount of new legislation being introduced and the increasing penalties for breaches of health, safety and environmental legislation being exacted by the courts.

No longer is safety the preserve of the safety officer. Together we are all responsible - management, individuals, society and the regulator. The 65 contributions presented at Hazards XVII consider the latest thinking by the regulators, research, case studies, accident investigations and contributions by safety consultants and industry. The papers cover a wide range of SHE acitivites including safety regulations, environmental protection, safety management, safe process design, storage, standards, risk factors and chemical reactions.

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