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The Burgundy Book, Target Cost Contract, 2nd Edition, 2013, paperback

The Burgundy Book, Target Cost Contract, 2nd Edition, 2013, paperback

ISBN: 9780852955444

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Publisher: IChemE
Publication year: 2013
Extent: Paperback, 122 pages

For over 45 years IChemE have partnered with highly experienced legal and industry professionals to publish their acclaimed Forms of Contract. The new editions have been revised to reflect best practice in project delivery and the latest developments in law and project implementation.

The intention of a target cost contract is to encourage both parties in the contract to work together in order to find ways of carrying out the work as efficiently as possible and to be rewarded as a result (ie pain/gain share). The Burgundy Book is used for either setting the target cost at the time of making the contract or for agreeing the target cost during the contract, typically when the detailed scope of work has been agreed but before commencement of any construction or manufacture of the plant.

This Form of Contract contains a model form of agreement and general conditions, supplemented with detailed guide notes to assist the user in preparing a contract.

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