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Management of Change: The Essentials

Management of Change: The Essentials


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Failure to effectively manage change has been at the centre of scores of catastrophic accidents within high hazard industries. Essentially, a Management of Change system is a ‘permissioning’ process and this course provides guidance and insights on how to develop, implement or improve Management of Change systems to avoid common pitfalls. It covers the essential attributes of identifying a change, assessing the risks, assigning permission and updating systems and communicating change. The course takes account of human factors in the development and operation of a management of change system and how to set effective KPIs to measure the effectiveness of a MoC system.

Learning outcomes

By the end of the course, you will be able to:

  • how to identify problems and gaps in a Management of Change system and develop improvements
  • how to engage and coach others within an organisation on the essential components of a Management System
  • how to measure the effectiveness to be certain that the system is followed and implemented

Who is it for?

Process safety experts, plant managers, supervisors, operational directors and principal contractors who depend upon the effective functioning of a management of change system.

What do you get?

  • downloads of all modules (usually an hour each)
  • most modules have a FAQ section at the end 
  • digital copies of slides and supporting materials (PDF) 
  • e-certificate of attendance, including hours allocation for CPD purposes (on request) 

    Course outline

    Module 1

    • Introduction
    • Why is an effective Management of Change (MoC) system essential to risk management in high-hazard industries? Including some case studies
    • Scope: how to set the boundaries of a MoC system
    • Types of change
    • Stage 1 – seeking permission for a change
    • Stage 2 – assessing the risk (part 1)

    Module 2

    • Recap on Module 1
    • Stage 2 – assessing the risk (part 2)
    • Stage 3 – authorisation
    • Stage 4 – validation
    • Stage 5 – updating systems and procedures & other organisational considerations
    • Stage 6 – measuring effectiveness
    • Conclusion

    Multiple-user fee

    If you have several people you want to train, take a look at our multiple user option – allowing you to purchase the course for up to 10 individual users at a significantly reduced price of £819 + VAT..

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