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Confined Space Entry - Module 2

Confined Space Entry - Module 2


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Confined space entry is often described as one of the most hazardous activities to be performed in an industrial environment. Numerous incidents have occurred in the past. This new online course is intended for those operators, engineers and technicians working on process plant to raise awareness of the issues surrounding this activity to adopt safe designs and practices and avoid the occurrence of such incidents.

Participants will learn how to identify different locations of confined spaces, the different approaches that should be taken when planning to enter a confined space, risk management and the principles of what to do if something goes wrong.

The course draws upon materials from the award-winning BP Process Safety Series book of the same name.

    Module 2 - The confined space entry process

    • Confined space entry process
      • Risk assessment
      • Steps to be taken prior to entering a confined space
    • Performing the activity safely
    • Permit Issuing Authority
    • Work Performing Authority
    • Training and Competence
    • Common mistakes and pitfalls
    • FAQs

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