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Creativity for Chemical Engineers - Full series for multiple users

Creativity for Chemical Engineers - Full series for multiple users


£1,055.00 price excludes VAT

Multiple-user fee

Our multiple user fee allows you to purchase this on-demand course for up to 10 individual users at a significantly reduced price of £1055 + VAT. If you are looking to purchase for a single user only click here.

Course overview

Creativity is at the heart of engineering, and is essential for developing innovative products, processes, and solutions to complex problems. Developing creative skills gives individuals and their organisations competitive advantage.

This modular online course will introduce you to the approaches and tools for creative thinking in engineering. It covers the importance of having a systematic approach, rigorous problem definition, generating new ideas, and selecting and implementing the most appropriate idea or solution. Factors that enhance and inhibit the creative process are also covered. The course will be tailored to delegates from the chemical and process industries.

Learning Outcomes

By the end of this course, you will:

  • understand the role of creative thinking within the context of chemical engineering
  • appreciate the importance of environment and team dynamics in creative problem solving
  • be able to apply criteria to help define the real problem
  • appreciate a range of creative processes for identifying solutions to the real problem
  • understand the process of implementing a solution effectively
  • learn how to sell your ideas to others
  • gain insight into how the brain works

Who is it for?

Junior engineers who want to gain the skills and experience required for chartered status. Senior engineers who want to release the creative potential of their extensive engineering experience.

What do you get?

  • downloads of all modules (usually an hour each)
  • most modules have a FAQ section at the end 
  • digital copies of slides and supporting materials (PDF) 
  • e-certificate of attendance, including hours allocation for CPD purposes (on request)

Course Outline

Module 1: An Introduction to creativity and chemical engineering

  • creativity and engineering
  • conditions and factors for creativity
  • creative systems
  • types of problem
  • FAQs

Module 2: How to define problems

  • the importance of problem definition
  • critical thinking
  • present state/desired state
  • statement/restatement
  • FAQs

Module 3: How to generate solutions

  • brainstorming
  • lateral thinking
  • organising and assessing ideas
  • selling your ideas to others
  • FAQs
Module 4: How to optimise creativity
  • an insight into how the brain works
  • creativity enhancers and inhibitors
  • team creativity
  • FAQs


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