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Effective Technical Writing

Effective Technical Writing


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Technical writing is one of the most important activities undertaken by an engineer, with the content often being safety-critical or business critical. It is therefore worthwhile considering how to improve the quality of documents and the efficiency of the writing. This course will take you through each step of the process, from identifying your desired audience and their needs, planning, structuring and writing your work, through to presenting the final document.

Learning outcomes

This course will help you to:

  • identify and understand your audience
  • use best practice in structuring and writing your document
  • present your final report with confidence

Who is it for?

Engineers who want to improve the quality of their written documents, as well as the efficiency of the writing process.

What do you get?

  • downloads of all modules (usually an hour each)
  • most modules have a FAQ section at the end 
  • digital copies of slides and supporting materials (PDF) 
  • e-certificate of attendance, including hours allocation for CPD purposes (on request) 

Course outline

Module 1: An Introduction to effective technical writing

  • document quality and writing efficiency a manufacturing approach
  • the components of document quality
  • empathy for the audience
  • transmitting and receiving written information
  • FAQs

Module 2: How to plan your writing

  • writing for the web and print: similarities and differences
  • meeting audience expectations
  • getting the content right
  • getting the structure right
  • storyboarding – a novel approach
  • FAQs

Module 3: How to write with style

  • formal and informal registers
  • getting clarity
  • using motivating language
  • maintaining focus in your writing
  • FAQs

Module 4: How to review and present documents

  • attention to detail
  • reviewing your work before sign-off
  • reviewing others’ work
  • presenting your work
  • gathering and learning from feedback
  • FAQs

The modules, each around 60 minutes in length, are effective as stand-alone training sessions or as part of a modular programme.

Multiple-user fee

If you have several people you want to train, take a look at our multiple user option – allowing you to purchase the course for up to 10 individual users at a significantly reduced price of £1055 + VAT.

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