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Hazards Video Presentations: Engineering & Design, Knowledge & Competence

Hazards Video Presentations: Engineering & Design, Knowledge & Competence


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This package contains video recordings of presentations from the Hazards 28 and Hazards 29 process safety conferences under the themes of Engineering & Design and Knowledge & Competence.

Another package covering the themes of Human Factors, Systems & Procedures, and Assurance, is also available.

All videos are in mp4 format and will be sent via a link to your email upon purchasing.

Engineering & Design

Maximum Allowable Valve Passing Rate Review and Determination
Joe Hobbs & Richard Emery, MMI Engineering, UK

Sizing of Safety Valves for Non-Flashing Gas-Liquid Flow to Protect a Heat Exchanger – Application of the HNE-CSE Model
Sara Claramunt, Natalie Schmidt, Prof. Dr. Jens Denecke & Prof. Dr. Jürgen Schmidt, CSE-Engineering, Germany

Criteria for Separation Distances Between Major Hazard Installations to Limit the Risk of Escalating Domino Failures
Debra C Mitchell, ISHECON, South Africa

Inherently Safer Design in Sour Gas Processing FacilitiesJoel Bello, Nishin Harris, Julie Venables & Nick Amott, Fluor, UK

Knowledge & Competence

A Review on Toulouse Accident Trials – Can We Learn the Lessons Despite Uncertainty on Direct Causes?
Nicolas Dechy, IRSN, France; Zsuzsanna Gyenes, IChemE Safety Centre, UK; Myriam Merad, CNRS, France

Lessons Learned from Fuel Storage Accidents: Aftermaths and Challenges Ahead
Ravi Kumar Sharma, Bhola Ram Gurjar & Rajat Agrawal, Indian Institute of Technology Roorkee, India

Enhancing Learning from Incidents – Five Tried and Tested Approaches
Steven Flynn, Independent Consultant, UK

Caribbean Petroleum VCE Case History
Q.A. Baker, J.K. Thomas, D.R. Malik & M.T. Edel, Baker Engineering and Risk Consultants, Inc., USA

Creeping Change: Liquid Accumulation in a Flare System at a Gas Terminal
Roger Berriman, Centrica Storage Limited (CSL), UK

Chemical Incident Investigation, Millennium Inorganic Chemicals (MIC), Stallingborough UK, 2010
Stephen Graham, Jonathan Buston, Brian Fotheringham & Stephen Hargreaves, Health and Safety Executive, UK

Learning from Incidents – a Personal Journey over Decades of Manufacturing Hazardous Substances
Roderick Prior, SHExellence cc, South Africa

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