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Scale-up - Module 4

Scale-up - Module 4


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The course offers a unified approach to the broad subject of process equipment scale-up. It starts with an introduction to dimensional analysis. This leads to describing complex phenomena using dimensionless groups. The principle of similarity is the basis used for creating identical processes at different length scales. The adopted approach is practical, drawing on several examples and exercises from a wide range of process engineering. The course will benefit anyone who is interested in learning more about the principles of successful scale-up and will be relevant to the R&D community working at the lab- and pilot scale. It will also be of potential benefit to design engineers, and to operating engineers who are considering plant modifications.

By the end of this course, you will be able to apply dimensional analysis to physical and chemical processes, be able to describe a physical process with a complete set of dimensionless group, be able to use the principle of similarity to reproduce identical processes at different length-scales and know how to cope with variable physical properties in scale-up.

Module 4

Treatment of variable physical properties in scale-up using dimensional analysis

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