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The Yellow Book, Subcontracts, 3rd Edition, 2003, Printable PDF

The Yellow Book, Subcontracts, 3rd Edition, 2003, Printable PDF

ISBN: 9781911446446

£240.00 price excludes VAT

Publisher: IChemE
Publication year: 2003
Extent: view-only PDF, 86 pages

Working fully back-to-back with the Red, Green and Burgundy Books, The Yellow Book is intended primarily for subcontracts that include the design, supply, site construction, erection and/or installation and testing of equipment and when the subcontract is to supply equipment that is significant in the main contract plant.

This Form of Contract contains a model form of agreement and general conditions, supplemented with detailed guide notes to assist the user in preparing a contract. The more recent fourth edition of The Yellow Book is also available to purchase.

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