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Strategies for Effective Maintenance

ISBN: 9780852954355

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The importance of effective maintenance is a crucial component in any organisation's operative strategy - sustaining its reputation with customers, current and potential, and its surrounding environment.

Using this guide will enable organisations to determine how their maintenance can be made more effective. As a result of a survey carried out by the IChemE it was recommended that a guide be produced to help managers seeking to secure the benefits of using a systematic approach to maintenance, particularly in covering lower hazard situations. Hence the aim of this guide is to set out the principles of the qualitative approach and give examples of how it can be used in practice.

Tables and flow diagrams are included for use during training sessions and by assessment teams. Examples from 'real-life' are included to illustrate the text and a worked example is given to demonstrate the methodology. The guide follows a sequence of tasks to be carried out by an assessment study team:

  • set the teams brief
  • choice of its members
  • qualitative assessment of the criticality to failure
  • identification of the appropriate maintenance policy and frequency for each process item
  • ensuring the scheme is implemented
  • effective monitoring
  • resulting in improved performance

The guide is also written to provide awareness for people new to the topic, to help people overcome problems in developing their own systems, and to form an audit standard or existing schemes.

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