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Catalysis, Green and Sustainable Process

Catalysis, Green and Sustainable Process


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45 Review of Photocatalytic Reactors
Acquarola, Mr Christopher Curtin University

70 Catalyst activation using alternative reducing agents
Lopes Fraga, Gabriel Luiz The University Of Queensland

33 Gram-Scale Process of N-doped of Carbon Dots Using Microplasma: Recycling and Purifi cation
Pho, Mr Hue The University of Adelaide

73 Eutectic Molten Salts Application in Slow Pyrolysis of Biomass for Advanced Carbon Preparation
Jalalabadi, Ms Tahereh University of Newcastle

61 Synthesis of 3D Porous Graphitic Foam Composites from Victorian Brown Coal and coal tar pitch
Wang, Ms Rou The University of Newcastle

34 Modifi cation on Gas Diff usion Electrode through an Infi ltration Method to Enhance the Selectivity of Electrochemical CO2 Reduction
Wu, Yuming The University of Queensland

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