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Engineering the Circular Economy

Engineering the Circular Economy


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57 Getting a grip on the environmental impacts of surfboard wax
Rufford, Dr Tom The University of Queensland

65 Pre-Feasibility Study of the Application of Sodium Sulphate Electrodialysis in Lithium Carbonate Production from α- Spodumene
Emmett, Miss Rebecca The University of Queensland

11 End-of-Life Solution for CCA-treated Timber via Pyrolysis and Arsenic Recovery
Junk, Gabriela University of Canterbury

9 Material Flow Analysis of Rare Earth Elements and their Sustainable Use in Australia to Reduce Potential Environmental Impacts
Palle Paul Mejame, Mejame James Cook University

88 Biochar Based Catalytic Tar Reforming for Syngas Cleaning: Insights into Volatile-Char Interactions
Singh, Ms. Sweta Curtin University, Australia

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