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Heterogeneous and other Catalysis

Heterogeneous and other Catalysis


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40 Electrocatalysts on Graphene Edges for Enhanced Energy Conversion Reactions
Tsounis, Mr Constantine The University of New South Wales

5 Two-Dimensional Materials Based Photocatalysts for Light-Induced H2 Production
Ran, Dr. Jingrun University of Adelaide

85 Energetics of Tobacco and Wood Decomposition in Anoxic Conditions
Jones, Professor Jim Massey University

59 On transiting exergy assessment of supercritical water gasifi cation of microalgae
Onigbajumo, Mr Adetunji

92 Effect of B prompted on Ni-Co bimetallic Ce0.6Zr0.4O2 catalyst
Shakir, MD Curtin University

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