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Hazards of Air and Oxygen

Hazards of Air and Oxygen


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Air and oxygen are products that can seem harmless, but in certain environments they can prove deadly if used or introduced at the wrong place or time.

This course will help you understand the basic principles for safe use of air and oxygen, within a range of different industries and equipment. You’ll be able to better understand each side of the fire triangle within the process industries, key and common sources of ignition, strategies for the prevention of flammable / explosive atmospheres, trapped residual pressure hazards and the specific hazards when working in oxygen enriched environments.

Learning outcomes

By the end of this course, you will understand:

  • each side of the fire triangle
  • fires and explosions (deflagration vs detonation)
  • the common sources of ignition which can cause process fires/explosions and how to manage these
  • the strategies for the prevention of flammable/explosive atmospheres
  • the hazards associated with trapped/residual pressure when working with compressed air
  • the hazards of working with oxygen and oxygen enriched environments.

Who will benefit

Front-line operators, maintenance crews, engineers, regulators, and managers who work within the renewable energy, food & drink, pharmaceuticals, power generation, water, steel, oil & gas, petrochemicals, and refining industries.

What do you get?

  • Downloads of all modules 
  • Most modules have a FAQ section at the end 
  • Digital copies of slides and supporting materials (PDF) 
  • E-certificate of attendance, including hours allocation for CPD purposes (on request)

Course outline

Module 1:

  • The chemistry of fire
  • Oxygen/air
  • Fuel
  • Ignition Sources
  • Explosions: deflagrations & detonations
  • Avoid flammable mixtures
  • Eliminate oxygen
  • Trapped pressure hazards
  • FAQs
Module 2:
    • Specific hazards of pure oxygen
    • Oxygen rich environments
    • Hazards of medical oxygen
    • Reactive hazards of oxygen
    • Contamination of materials handling oxygen
    • Misdirected flow of oxygen into process systems
    • Integrity management of oxygen systems
    • FAQs

    Multiple-user fee

    If you have several people you want to train, take a look at our multiple user option – allowing you to purchase the course for up to 10 individual users at a significantly reduced price of £819 + VAT.

    Train your team   

    This course can be delivered to corporate teams, either on-site or online. Content can be tailored to your specific requirements, and this could be a cost-effective option if you have several people requiring the training. Request a quotation 

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