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BP Process Safety Series - Set of 16 eBooks, printable PDF format

ISBN: 9781911446491

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Authors: BP and IChemE
Publisher: IChemE
Publication year: 2004-2012
Extent: Printable PDF, 1499 pages

Winner of the 2004 Frank Lees medal for the most meritorious publication on the topic of safety and loss prevention in an IChemE publication.

Produced jointly by BP and IChemE, this series includes the following 16 books, which guide the user in the application of safe operating practices and procedures throughout a range of industries:

Hazards of Water, Eighth edition, 2004
Hazards of Air and Oxygen, Eighth edition, 2004
Hazards of Steam, Fourth edition, 2004
Safe Furnace and Boiler Firing, Fifth edition, 2012
Hazards of Trapped Pressure and Vacuum, Third edition, 2009
Confined Space Entry, First edition, 2005
Hazardous Substances in Refineries, First edition, 2005
Hazards of Electricity and Static Electricity, Sixth edition, 2006
Hazards of Nitrogen and Catalyst Handling, Sixth edition, 2009
Control of Work, Second edition, 2007
LNG Fire Protection & Emergency Response, Second edition, 2007
Safe Handling of Light Ends, Fifth edition, 2007
Hazards of Oil Refining Distillation Units, First edition, 2008
Liquid Hydrocarbon Tank Fires, Fourth edition, 2008
Safe Tank Farms and (Un)Loading Operations, Fourth edition, 2008
Safe Ups and Downs for Process Units, Seventh edition, 2009

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