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Fluid Mixing 5 Symposium Series 140

ISBN: 9780852953761

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Publisher: IChemE
Publication year: 1996
Extent: Hardback, 355 pages

Great changes have taken place in the study of mixing in the fifteen years since the first fluid mxing conference in the series took place at Bradford in 1981. The gap between theorectical predictions and experimental data is closing. Increased computer power makes computational fluid dynamics (CFD) analyses possible and new imaging techniques illuminate mixing flows. Contributions in this book also reflect the drive to explain mixing mechanisms in even the most complex situations, so that academic theory accurately predicts industrial performance.

The thirty presentations from researchers in the UK, Netherlands, France, Germany, Italy and Canada, chart recent progress in the field, highlighting theoretical modelling and CFD, experimental studies and imaging, viscous flows and two phase mixing. An index to the contents is included making the information more accessible.

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