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Future of Processing and Manufacturing Industries

Future of Processing and Manufacturing Industries


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29 A New Apparatus to Probe Joule[1]Thomson Cooling Eff ects in Pipe Systems
Jeong, Dr Kwanghee University of Western Australia

81 Supply chain modelling for at farm and regional ammonia production in Australia
Tran, Doctor Nam The University of Adelaide

25 Hydrate Inhibition Potential of Regenerated Mono-Ethylene Glycol
Khan, Mr. Nasir The University of Western Australia

77 Carbon Electrolysis: Carbon Negative Renewable Energy Manufacturing
Allen, Dr Jessica University of Newcastle

6 Metal extraction via molten oxide electrolysis Preliminary research into decarbonising primary metal production
Ford, Kathryn University Of Canterbury

86 Process Causes of Premature and Recurrent Failures of Hyper Compressors in High-Pressure LDPE Technology; Modelling Separation Units to Investigate Wax Carryover and Fouling
Thiyaga Rajan, Manesha Petrona

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