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Guide to Capital Cost Estimating, 4th Edition

ISBN: 9780852953990

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Author: Mark Gerrard
Publisher: IChemE
Publication year: 2000
Extent: Paperback, 115 pages

A classic text, used for over 30 years, the fourth edition continues with the endorsement from the Association of Cost Engineers. The guide is designed to be an aid for student engineers in the design activities undertaken during their course and help young engineers in industry to compile their own set of cost data. With much of the material in the third edition retained, the major changes are:

  • new cost data
  •  updated cost index information (which has been donated by industrialists)
  • short-cut estimating techniques updated

The guide is structured in a straightforward manner and is seen as a starting point. Costing of items should, however, be taken as an approximate guide. Although primarily concerned with capital cost estimating the importance of operating costs in both profitability analysis and optimisation studies must not be ignored.

A guide to capital cost estimating is also an aid to industrialists. By making reference to various chapters they can cost items, obtain an overall plant cost including costing at an R&D stage. Students, however, must read it all.

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