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Hydrogen and Other Future Fuels

Hydrogen and Other Future Fuels


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14 Development of an Improved Mass Transfer Limited Model for Hydrate Growth in Water-dominant Systems with Flowloop Experiment
Sakurai, Mr Shunsuke The University Of Western Australia

50 Kinetic study of catalytic hydrogen combustion over Pd-Cu/Al2O3
Kim, Mr. Jongho The University of Newcastle

74 Techno-Economic Evaluation of Renewable Hydrogen to Ammonia pathway
Balasubramanian, Mr Venkatakrishnan RMIT-CSIR

22 Calorimetric Evaluation of Mixed Hydrogen-Methane Hydrates: Applicable to Energy Storage
Li, Miss Tian The University of Australia

94 Green methanol - future fuel and renewable chemical
Tucker, Rhys Deputy Chair IChemE National Board

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