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Trevor Kletz Compendium

Trevor Kletz Compendium


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Author: Andy Brazier, David Edwards, Fiona Macleod, Craig Skinner and Ivan Vince 
Publisher: Elsevier
Publication year: 2021
Extent: Paperback, 318 pages. 

Trevor Kletz Compendium, 1st edition - His Process Safety Wisdom Updated for a New Generation.

A compendium of Trevor Kletz’s wisdom revisiting process safety for a new generation, with new case studies and insights into latest practices. Trevor Kletz has had a huge impact on the way people viewed accidents and safety, particularly in the process industries. His ideas were developed from nearly 40 years working in the chemical industry. When he retired from the field, he shared his experience and ideas widely in more than 15 books. Trevor Kletz Compendium: His Process Safety Wisdom Updated for a New Generation introduces Kletz’s stories and ideas and brings them up to date in this valuable resource that equips readers to manage process safety in every workplace. Topics covered in this book include inherent safety, safety studies, human factors and design. Learn the lessons from past accidents to make sure they don’t happen again.

Key Features
■ Focuses on understanding systems and learning from past accidents
■ Describes approaches to safety that are practical and effective
■ Provides an engineer’s perspective on safety

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