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The Beige Book, Rules for Dispute Review Boards, 1st Edition, 2005, printable PDF

The Beige Book, Rules for Dispute Review Boards, 1st Edition, 2005, printable PDF

ISBN: 9781911446095

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Publisher: IChemE
Publication year: 2005
Extent: printable PDF, 20 pages

IChemE’s International Forms of Contract provide for the appointment of a Dispute Review Board (DRB). This method of dispute resolution is becoming increasingly popular for large and complex projects, as it provides a forum whereby a variety of issues can be considered by an experienced and independent DRB, before entering the formal dispute resolution procedure.

In most jurisdictions there is no statutory framework governing the work of the DRB. The fully updated, latest edition of The Beige Book sets out a series of rules governing the appointment, duties and general actions of the DRB, to provide a framework within which it can operate with confidence.

Our Rules for Expert Determination (The White Book) and Rules for Dispute Review Boards (The Beige Book) are amongst very few sets of rules setting out how an Expert Determination or DRB should operate. The rules are incorporated by reference into the Forms of Contract; they may also be used with other contracts by agreement, such as FIDIC.

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