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IChemE Safety Centre Case Studies - Tank Farm

IChemE Safety Centre Case Studies - Tank Farm


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Publisher: IChemE
Publication year: 2016
Extent: USB

The IChemE Safety Centre (ISC) Case Studies are the latest addition to our range of safety training resources. They provide a rare opportunity to experience a series of process safety incidents as they unfold, in a real-time setting, without any prior knowledge of the outcome. Throughout the training session users will make crucial safety decisions, and discover how each of their decisions influences the incident.

Tank Farm simulates operational decisions – users are exposed to a series of challenges associated with operating a tank farm, they will make ongoing decisions about the operations, comparable to those that could occur while on shift. Users will practice managing the tenuous balance between meeting production output targets, while adhering to essential safety requirements.

Features and Formats

The Case Studies are supplied on a USB drive as MP4 Video files, launched from a PowerPoint presentation, with PDF facilitation notes to underpin decision making discussions. Key features include:

  • 35-40 minutes of animated video footage to supplement a 90-120 minute training session 
  • two versions of video footage on each USB, one with group exercises and decision making points, the second with decision making points only 
  • all video footage will be launched from a PowerPoint presentation for easy access 
  • detailed suite of handouts for group exercises and decision points 
  • comprehensive facilitator notes, to explain the exercises

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