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Tough Talks DVD

Tough Talks DVD

ISBN: 9780852955628

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Publisher: IChemE
Publication year: 2012
Extent: DVD

The Tough Talks programme helps identify and investigate the greatest process safety risks in an operations environment. It encourages groups to work together and develop improvement plans. These can be put into practice immediately, resulting in a much safer working environment.

Under the guidance of a facilitator, user will be able to:

  • Watch the film on a safety topic and learn to recognise particular dangers (blind spots, slipping standards, pressure to perform, the dangers of change) 
  • Discuss the film with your team, focusing on the behaviours/actions which create danger 
  • Examine your own behaviour and highlight potential shortcomings 
  • Commit to action and reduce the element of danger in your operations

The film is supplied with a set of facilitator guides containing a plan for each learning topic.

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